February 1, 2012

Classic Movies, like Scream

I find myself watching one of the greatest movies of all time, Smokey and the Bandit.  A friend of mine on the couch here has never seen it.  It makes me think, what qualifies as a classic movie?  For some, it is a movie that has "stood the test of time", whatever that means.  For me, a classic movie is one I can watch until my eyeballs bleed.  I change my mind about everything in the world far too often to have just one favorite anything, but some movies everyone needs to see.  Its like growing up with no calcium, you end up twisted.  My top 20 classics in no particular order:

1) Smokey and the Bandit - A charming story with Sally Field, Burt Reynolds, a black trans am, and beer.  Yay beer!

2) Bull Durham - Some of life's best wisdom with baseball and Susan Sarandon.  For instance, weddings, "Honey, we all deserve to wear white."

3) Blues Brothers - Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi gold.  Soul music heaven with cameos from almost every major soul and R&B artist worth talking about.

4) Die Hard - Bruce Willis is so hot.

5) Fifth Element - Same as above with better special effects.

6) The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Tim Curry, dancing in a G string.  Need I say more?

7) Wayne's World  - Dana Carvey and Michael Myers are hilarious, with the greatest headbanger soundtrack ever!

8) To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar  - Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo in drag.  A must for anyone that has ever used the word "fabulous"  

9) The Princess Bride - Sword fights, giants (Andre the Giant), Rodents of Unusual Size, Romance, Pirate ships, this movie has everything. Everything plus Fred Savage!

10) Goodfellas - The mob is scary awesome!

11) White Christmas - Irving Berlin, awesome clothes, and funny as hell!!!

12) Hackers - Angelina Jolie when she was still hot and Matthew Lillard when he was still funny.

13) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder rocks the house in this.  If you haven't heard him sing Pure Imagination, kill yourself.

14) Hocus Pocus - Bette Midler = fantasmical songstress, Sarah Jessica Parker = Blonde Bimbo,  Kathy Najimy = creepy as hell. Best halloween movie hands down.

15) Monty Python's Meaning of Life - My fave philosophy movie.  Really does have the meaning of life.

16) The Evil Dead - I know it is a series, but the cheesy effects really rock with one liners such as "This is my BOOM STICK!" Can't be beat.

17) Back to the Future - Another trilogy, this one is Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd with a time machine.  Who has two thumbs and loves the 80s?  This girl!

18) The Last Unicorn - The entire soundtrack done by America, and a flaming red bull.  Perfect for little kids!  I only had nightmares for years.

19) Chicago - He had it comin'.  Classic musical about women murderers in the 1930sish.  Many songs are done in lingerie, but they are scary.

20) Clerks - Kevin Smith's breakout  black and white film about the people that work and live with a convenience store.  If you have ever worked a crap job behind a register, watch this.  Someone finally gets it.

I no longer have copies to all of these movies which sucks, but the pawn shop beckons when money is short. Three months ago I lost a little over 100 movies to a pawn shop.  I wish I had made enough money to get them out, but if wishes were pigs bacon would always be on sale.  Thank goodness I can buy any movies I want at Movie Buff.  Cheapest movies ever, and they're all in playing shape.  Hell, I scored the Back to the Future Boxed set for about $5.  Find them here
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