February 16, 2012

Exes Day, and Scottish Independence

In The World:

Scotland is looking at potentially having Independance.  Yay!  I capitalized it because I think it is important to have.  So, Go Scotland!  Kick England in the nads!

The Cobert Report is not making new episodes!  I think.  I saw it on the internet news, and you know how that can be.  But tickets are currently unavailable, so we shall see.  I didn't find any chatter on the Cobert Report website itself, but hopefully he will be back.  We love you Steven!  Come back to us! 

Gay marriage is officially legal in New Jersey!  Yay New Jersey!  Now you suck slightly less!  Not enough to make up for the cast of Jersey Shore, but its a start.  Baby steps. 

In sadder news, there was a fire in Honduras' biggest prison and 350 people died.  The real tragedy is that since 47% of the inmates of the prison were convicted of a crime.  Several innocent people died in a fire that could have been prevented or at least damage could have been kept to a minimum, except for overcrowding and the fact officials couldn't find the keys.  More senseless lives lost.

And apparently American women are talking in lower voices.  Like Janis Joplin.  Go whiskey-speech!


In My House:

So officially the day after Valentine's day must be exes day.  The cops called my mom's house looking for a guy I dated a couple of years ago, he's wanted for questioning in connection with some "incidents" last spring.  I told them what I could, but what can I say?  Not really interested.  Then James' ex showed up, and proceeded to pick a fight with him.  Why do people feel the need to spread their assholeness everywhere?  We broke up for a reason, take your lame ass somewhere else!  Well, my ex-boyfriends run for the hills when they see me coming, but that is because I don't suffer fools, and I dated a lot of them.  Vicious circle.