July 7, 2013

Definition - Lifestyle

There has been a lot of talk around about lifestyles, and "alternative" lifestyles.  This makes me wonder, do I have a lifestyle?  I have a fairly predictable schedule at this point, but lifestyle?  Lets look, shall we kids?  According to thefreedictionary.com  a lifestyle is
"1. a set of attitudes, habits, or possessions associated with a particular person or group
2. such attitudes, etc., regarded as fashionable or desirable
3. NZ
a.  a luxurious semirural manner of living
b.  (as modifier) a lifestyle property"
Hmmm.  This is making no sense to me.  It seems that the word "lifestyle" is the same as decor groups, this is Mediterranean, this is beach cottage.  I don't see the world in terms like this I guess, so lets see if we can delve deeper into this rabbit hole.  

Lifestyle Magazine you would think is a good place to start, but I' not so sure.  The website states "
Lifestyle Magazine offers a close look at health, relationships, finances, and other real-life topics. It is informative, moving, and sometimes disturbing, but always relevant! Lifestyle Magazine provides help and hope for the challenging issues of today’s world."  Maybe that's what kind of lifestyle I have, disturbing.  But it sounds like they think a lifestyle is everything involving life.  Interesting.  Hypothesis - Lifestyle is the style in which you live your life.  Problem - How would you qualify that?  Or quantify it?  
The choices we make determines our lifestyle, according to Lifestyle-Movement.  This leaves me asking, and?  What does it all mean?!?  

Lifestyles seem to have no direct definition of types, at least none that I can find.  I've heard reference to the Gay Lifestyle, Bohemian Lifestyle, and Alternative Lifestyles, but these seem to be air words, or words that actually have no meaning.  As far as I can tell, these phrases of nothing are here to divide something interesting and involving many layers and quirks.  Oh, yes, I'm talking about the American culture.  Can we stop having these air words now?  They do make me crabby.