October 24, 2012

So funny I peed a bit, plus free money!

I just got done watching the Queens of Comedy and it fucking killed me.  Hilarious!  I saw it on Netflix.  I've been obsessed with Drop Dead Diva since I finished the last season of Glee.

Just discovered Penny Pinching Polly on Facebook.  Freebies galore!  She has a live event every Saturday from 8pm-10pm Mountain time in the US.  If you are a non-english speaker, use Google Translate and get free stuff!

I am finally watching the presidential debates.  Well, the third one.  Romney says he wants equality for women in other countries, why doesn't he want that here?  He wants to take away my ability to get birth control and get an abortion.  I don't want/need one, but I should have the right to do anything to my body I want.  If I feel like taking out my uterus and juggling with it I should be able to.

Look, people that need help.      Syria is in trouble.

I wish there was a place where you could watch old TV shows.  Netflix has some, but there good old choices are not as broad as they could be.  I miss I Dream of Jeannie and You Can't Say That On Television.  I would say that I miss Bewitched, but you can find it here.

Seriously, best costume ever.

Mommy tip of the day:  Drug your kids before trying to cut their hair.  I tried to give Tristyn a haircut and he kept moving around.  There are a couple of extra short spots on his head now.  Thank gods he isn't in high school, those kids can be so rude.  Kindergarteners only notice things like green hair, not how much your haircut cost.  I found my clippers, so he has an even haircut now.  Yay!  His hair was so long it was getting in his eyes.  Mumsey dearest thought it would be a good idea to cut it out of his eyes, and for like a week he looked like a lego man.  Poor kid.  Last night I finally convinced him to let me cut it like Marcus', which is shaved and short, about a half inch long.  He loves it!  I am so glad, because once you cut your hair that short, there's no going back.

The holiday season is coming!  Well, in 6 months.  Easter?  No!  April Fool's Day?  Hell no!  Its the best holiday ever, Cheeseweasel Day!  The cheeseweasel comes on April 3rd and leaves cheese by your computer if you were good.  Like Santa for adults.  Only a weasel.  Sweet!

October 17, 2012

Stop judging my uterus!

These are two posts from my facebook page that just blew up!  This is where we are in America, people.

My status update: I don't understand women that like Mitt Romney. Do you not realize he is trying to take several of your rights away? He wants to abolish birth control, and other medical procedures that should be between a woman and her doctor. When you take away reproductive rights and a woman's access to healthcare, we will have a huge boom of children born to parents that never wanted them. Women will be reduced to breeding sows. What will that do to our future?

AG - Maybe they support him cause they are against abortion my feelings if your going to play then deal with what comes with that we do have adoption

CB-  It usually comes down to the lesser of two evils, Cody. I won't vote for Obama, in my opinion he has donw enough damage to the country. I don't like Mitt either but he will likely be better for the country as a whole than Obama. Thats what it really is about. The country as a whole, not any one thing.

AK- So you would be ok if every woman in America closed their legs because they don't want to "deal with the consequences"? What about rape or abusive relationships?

AK- If you don't like either of the main candidates, why not vote 3rd party

BK-  I like Obama. Period. I don't like what Mitt Romney stands for especially concerning women. I think Obama hit the nail on the head in last nights debate when he said that America won't function correctly until women have equal rights, and health care, and pay as men. Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I am a lesser person than anyone else. I think Obama has done fabulous things for our country, I think he has done nothing but good. My problem is with congress shutting him down just because they are racist assholes.

CB- I oppose abortion due to my religious beliefs. I don't choose who I vote for based on one thing they stand for. As far as voting for a third party candidate goes that is worthless. Might as well not vote at all. Voting for a 3rd party person goes that vote was just given to whichever democrat or republican won.

AG- ADOPTION there are millions who want to adopt a child same sex couples as well I am against homosexuality but it won't just go away as I feel some people think give them the same rights

JO-  Its the parents choice what to do with an unborn child. Not the neighbors, not a fucking church, and sure as shit not the government. Thats all i gotta say.

AG-  I have a good friend who was conceived due to rape an outstanding person I am proud to call him a friend you can't punish the child for the sins of the father

AK- But you can punish a woman for the sin of her rapist? That is fucked up. Every woman has the right to decide if she wants to host a parasite for 9 months.

CB- When it comes to rape or forced incest pregnancies than an abortion can and should be allowed if desired. Abortion just because you don't want to be pregnant should not be allowed. If you don't wnat to be pregnant than use birth control or don't have sex. I believe in womens rights. Women should have equal pay, rights and jobs. My boss is a woman and great boss. I love working for her. She gets the same amount of pay as a man would too. I am not going to vote for any one man based on these things though, or the lack of them. Please don't vote for, or not vote, for Obama, or Mitt, because of any one thing. Look at the mans/womans beliefs as a whole and vote for whichever best fits your own beliefs. Someone said that Congress was racist. Really? Give me a break. You know, for a fact, that Congress is racist? Every one of the 400 plus people there? LOL. Thats funny.

AK-  I don't know if congress is in fact racist, but I do know that the R party has been very vocal about the fact that they are blocking everything Obama wants to do. They have admitted they would rather see this country fail if it means Obama will be a one term president. I will never vote for that party again.

BJL-  There are times in which birth control is used to treat other issues that a woman is having and not being used for what the name implies. The legislation that may be passed would also affect those women as well

Me-  I wasn't talking about abortion, people. If Planned Parenthood is cut, then so are mammograms and annual visits for millions of poor women. We need this program in place to help destroy breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and many other diseases. If you don't like abortion then don't get one. My religious beliefs dictate that you don't get to tell me what to do with my body. Think about this Adam, no birth control is 100 percent and perhaps you want more children, but you shouldn't get to dictate what I do with my life. How many do you have? How many baby's mamas? And adoption isn't always a choice. What if the woman can't carry a child to term without it killing her and the child? Should she just deal with the fact she knows she will die in childbirth? Get a uterus, then get back to me about what I can do with mine. I'll even promise not to judge what you do with your reproductive organs if you do the same for me, k?

Me again-  I think it is great that people believe this or that about medical procedures that are really none of your business. I think I am going to start a campaign that no one should be allowed to have pharmaceutical pain medication for any reason. There are alternatives, you can do meditation. I won't use it, so you should not get to either because I think it is wrong. It doesn't matter if you get hit by a car, or something else happens that is not your fault. You can deal with the consequences.

AK- The problem of abortion would be solved with penis cages. No sperm = no unwanted pregnancies.

AG- And I have custody of 4 of my kids dear you know what is 100% not having sex my other two kids I pay child support on and help out with any thing else as well as carry all my on my health insurance I am not a worthless deadbeat father which I'm sorry to day there is a lot of before you start in on me about my kids learn about my situation first please

AT-  AK, just because the conservatives want to protect the country from socialist practices doesn't make us racist. We would have the same actions regardless of skin color or gender for that matter. If you look into Obama's past, he was raised in a racist family that always felt they needed to get even with the whites. Read his book. We do not want the country to fail. We want it to continue to excel and grow. As for the Abortion views... To each their own... No person, agency, church, school, should be able to tell anyone else what to do with their body. I do believe that if the baby is conceived during consensual intercourse by both parties then it is murder if you get an abortion. If their is a safety aspect for either the mother or baby, or in a situation where it was not consensual i.e. rape, incest, etc. then that is a choice that should be left up the the parent or parents if both are present. Cody, as for Planned parenthood, the programs that support women's health ( which I do not believe includes abortion unless its a life or death situation ) mammograms, and annual checkups I have ZERO problem supporting. I do feel that my tax dollars should not go to support abortions unless they meet the criteria that I have established above. I am going to pose a question to everyone that reads this... Do you know; A: What is infanticide? B: What is Obama's stance on it? C: When does a fetus become a living human being that should be granted the protections every other human being is?..... I am not looking to start a fight so please be as respectful as you would like in return.

AG-  I can agree with AT

AK- A fetus does not become a person until it can live on it's own. As far as socialuism is concerned, Romney has not said anything about getting rid of police, libraries, schools, fire departments, or the post office, so he must support socialism.

Me- AT, I love you and that was well worded sir. I have to disagree with the socialists practices though. Ever since The New Deal with FDR our country has had more socialist programs than almost all of Europe. I think it has to do with the idea of equality and not wanting to see citizens starving to death in the street.

TB-  Planned Parenthood is not the only place that does mammograms. The Community Health clinics do them as well and sometimes they are less expensive there than at Planned Parenthood.

Me- By the way, I love also how I put this out to women, and men are jumping all over it with their opinions. Guess what guys? You will never know the terror and horror that comes with an unintended pregnancy. You can walk away and many of you do. Guess who ends up having to change their lives and do everything for their children? Not you. If you take care of your kids I applaud you, but You can leave, and you know it.

Me- Very true Tami! But if women's reproductive healthcare is cut across the board, it will affect them too. I personally go to my local public health office.

AT- Autumn you answered the exact way I expected you too, and you only answered 1 of the 3 questions. As for the police, libraries, schools, fire departments... Those are as a rule under State or local control not federal... As it should be. The Post Office is for the most part a failing entity thanks primarily to Unions and pensions that cannot be supported due to a vast majority of people shifting to electronic communication and the more efficient FedEx and UPS package delivery companies. It should fail, Just like GM and Chrysler should have gone through structured bankruptcy. Not a bailout... and before you jump all over me saying that the bailout was Bush not Obama... yes Bush signed it in... at the behest of Obama and Congress.

AG- Any real man would never walk pour on his responsibility

TB-  I'm not going to comment on any of the other topics within this post. I don't want to stir the pot anymore than its already being stirred. smile

AT-  Cody, you do realize my situation with my kids right? I have no legal standing to make any decisions for them since I am Step-father, but I sure as hell am not going anywhere. I asked their mother to marry me she said yes. In every aspect I can control, they are MY kids and I raise them as such. Walking away is not an option for a man... Maybe a boy yes but not a MAN. Any male can be a father, it takes a MAN to be a dad.

AK- I have no intention of jumping anywhere near you. I know what infantacide is, I don't give a rat's ass what Fox news told you Obama's stance on it is, and socialism is socialism. I also know exactly what happened with the bailouts. Are you going to try to educate me on Margaret Sanger next?

AG- *out

AT-  No AK I am not, and I did not get my information from Fox News... I did my own research. You appear to be a very intelligent person... this is what makes this country great being able to discuss our differences. You have a vastly different opinion than I do... and that is fine. I accept that. I have no hate for you or your views. You obviously consider my views vile and disgusting. Sorry but they are my views.

AG- A woman could leave just as easy ex wife #2 walked away from me and the kids or be worthless jobless drunks who alley jump to recycle stolen trash to buy alcohol and use my daughter simply as an excuse to get more food stamps just saying Cody I love you we've been friends for years but it goes both ways on that aspect bit I will say as man o am ashamed to say men walk out more then women ever will

Me-  AG, I did not mean that to be a personal attack on you, but I see how you could take it that way. I am sorry. I doesn't take a man to make a child, AT, it takes sperm. I have my son, haven't ever received child support for him, and haven't heard for his biological father in almost a year. I am lucky to have family and friends to support me, but what if I didn't? If I was homeless, is that how a child should be raised? Or what if I was a pregnant crackhead and used drugs for my whole pregnancy? What if I never wanted kids and would just abuse any child in my path? Why isn't the best interests of the child a factor here?

Me- I won't say women always stay, look at my brother's baby's mama. But it is easier for men to walk away. There are many men that do take care of their children, like CB's' son Josh. I am concerned because Romney is trying to make birth control illegal but not Viagra. Ryan actually sponsored a bill to force me to have a vaginal probe. How is that different from rape?

AT-  Cody, we get nothing from their biological father, he is in jail or running more than not. The best interest of the child should always be considered. I asked our son Zach (10 yrs old now) for permission to marry his mother and explained to him what all that would mean and entail. I won't get into your what if's since I feel that Child Protective Services should do a far better job to protect the children and mothers when needed than they do.

Me-  Child protective services didn't help the super glue mom. They won't do anything to parents until abuse can be proven. Why can't we let people who want kids have them, and people who don't won't?

AT- CPS needs to act sooner in a lot of cases. Their are also a lot of cases they need to keep their butts out of. but that is a different subject I don't want to get into again.




AT- Death Panels under Obamacare killing your grandmother because she isn't going to get the most benefit for cost from treatment.

AG-  I have one baby mom who literally has 5 cases of child neglect and dfs still wanted my daughter with her

AG-  A condition of her parole is if she fails she goes to the pen 24 months per charge

Me-  At least she will get treated. Currently, she will die from no care.

Me-  See? DFS is overworked and understaffed. Police yourselves people!

AG- No they gave her back to her not treated they wanted more successful stories laws were broken she is still on the same path which is why I have her

AK-  Death panels? I thought you said you don't watch fox?

MS-  Mitt Romney is not trying to take away women's rights. He believes that our society has cheapened the value of human life. He's not against abortion when it comes to incest, rape or when a mothers life is at risk. Why should our tax payer dollars be spent on women aborting children when not conceived under those circumstances? We shouldn't, if you are mature enough to have sex than you should be mature enough to care for a child or give it up for adoption. He is also against partial birth abortion, why should a child that can live outside the womb be able to be aborted? As far as birth control, he is not taking it away. It is available through your family doctor, obgyn along with other places such as community health. Planned parenthood is federally funded and advocates abortion, in fact they have done 40% of all reported abortions. That's significant! Also did you know that many women that have had abortions through Planned Parenthood actually had health insurance? The thing people should worry about is what can taxpayer dollars go towards instead of abortions? Planned Parenthood has a revenue of $1.02 billion and 35% of that is federal funding. To me I believe that there are bigger issues in our country to worry about than if my birth control is paid for by the insurance my employer provides. And when you say that birth control and/or other medical procedures should be between a woman and her doctor you are right, it should not be between a woman and the government.

Me- Death Panels dont exist.

AT- AK I don't watch fox. I follow libertarian news and commentators. They will exist under Obamacare Cody.

JO- Ive never heard of the government paying for an abortion. Every one of them that i know of the parents had to dig up the 800-1k on their own. So as far as i know the tax money ive paid hasnt paid for abortions.

And before anyone spouts off about human life being worth more than 800 bucks, in the original Tora (sorry if i misspelled that) if an unborn was essentially aborted, regardless of reason, the man paid the village chief a fine of 50 silver. Sounds like lifes value has gone up to me. kiki

God these discussions are funny.

Me-  Megan - Actually he is against any abortion. I know he said he wasn't, but his campaign came out later to say what his beliefs actually are.

Me- He did say if the mother's life was at risk it was ok, but his campaign said that was not true.

AT-  Cody, your going to take the word of his campaign over what comes out of his mouth. Come on... The campaign's job is to say what they have to to get him elected. As strongly as he takes his faith, I will believe him over them.

Me-  But which him? He has said so many contradictory things on the rare occasion he actually answers with something coherent.

AT- And Obama hasn't?

SS-  I don't understand anyone who likes Obama or Romney

Me- Tell me about Obama.

SS-  tell you hwat about Obama

Me-  Just remember Aaron, Mitt said that people that don't pay income tax can't be convinced to take personal responsibility for their lives. That includes LG.

AT- Cody, you are taking that out of context and you very well know it.

Me- For those that don't know, LG is my 87 year old grandfather. He is a war vet and worked in the oil field for almost 50 years. He is a primary caregiver for my grandmother and needs medicare to help with their healthcare bills.

Me-  I don't think so. I saw the whole video. But how about this? I don't pay income taxes because when I file, I don't make much money and receive a child tax credit. I think that I should be able to survive off of working 40 hours a week but with 2 incomes we are barely making it. How is that right?

SS-  its not right so why does everyone keep voting on the destruction of the value of the dollar by voting in the same old assholes?

MS- What he actually said was that his personal religious beliefs make him against abortion but he is not one to go against roe vs wade as he does not want to push his personal beliefs upon others. I am obviously for Romney because I believe he will better our country as a whole. You are obviously for Obama and what he stands for. There is no reason to get into the he said she said because I respect your decision to vote for Obama as that is your choice, your right and is exactly why we should love the country that we live in

Me-  I am voting green party actually.

MS- Wow I didnt see that coming, lol my bad. I guess thats what I get for being an ass and assuming.

Me- I am not a fan of really any body in the 2 party system. I would vote Ron Paul too. I haven't decided between the 2.

Me- Yes, SS I said Ron Paul.

Wow!  Here is the other one, which stems from this one:

Status: I think it is great that people believe this or that about medical procedures that are really none of your business. I think I am going to start a campaign that no one should be allowed to have pharmaceutical pain medication for any reason. There are alternatives, you can do meditation. I won't use it, so you should not get to either because I think it is wrong. It doesn't matter if you get hit by a car, or something else happens that is not your fault. You can deal with the consequences.

SS-  Uh what?

AK-  I don't believe in artificial sweeteners. I say ban them!

Me-  This was directed at abortion, but can apply however.

JK- Omg dont even joke!

Me- Not really sweetie! But some people really need medical help, even though others may not like it. Guess what? This is supposed to be a free country.

HB- You weren't "legitimately" hit by that car......

Me- So pop your pills in freedom! Yay America!

CB- I can get behind this one. I am in pain every day. The only pain pill I take is aspirin and not much of that. I deal with it.

Me-  What if my friend JK takes pain medication for his MS? So he should just deal too right? Or are his medical decisions his own and not the government business?

JH-  I see what your point is. But holly hell that law would suck.

JK-  I see the point. For me, i cant walk without my pain meds, for totally legit reasons, and ive tried all the otc and holistic remedies i can find. And it took a really long time to get on those meds, on a cocktail that is effective, and now my docs are talking about taking me off them, ostensibly for "other options", but i know its political or economic. One of my docs refused to put me on these because, he said, they wouldnt help. So i got a second opinion, who prescribed them, and they made everything better. Now the first doc is back and wants to stop them, even tho he was wrong in the first place. I dont see why i cant make the decision, for my own body, to accept the risks and consequences and continue them. The same holds true for womens medecine, elderly care, or anyone who is of soud mind. Why do we need a doctor, with motivations of his own, to make those decisions?

JC- I say to each their own- unless u've walked a mile in everyone's shoes, u really don't deserve a say in anything in someone else's life- too many ppl trying to get into other's business and ignore the major problems of this world because they're too concerned with hyped up issues