March 31, 2012

The Week I Cared About


Kfar Saba, Israel - A man, in the process of violating a restraining order from his wife, was detained by police.  At the station he apparently freaked out and they sent a police dog in to subdue him.  The man proceeded to bite the dog on the ear, repeatedly. He is now being charged with assaulting a police dog, among other things. Wow.  For one, this guy has to be seriously nutballs crazy.  For two, no wonder his wife had an order against him.  What a lovely man, I'm sure.

 Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  The media creating race wars?  A bigot exposed?  Catch up here at

Dida Ritz went home this week on RuPaul's Drag Race.  She was a terrible candidate.

For everyone that hates Obama - Did you know that the jobless rate is at a 4 year low?  Just saying.

Belfast, Northern Ireland is opening a tourist attraction featuring the birth to bottom of the ocean story of the Titanic.  Not just a movie, but one of the most iconic and decadent boats in history. 

And that is the week I cared about!

March 14, 2012

Beginner fishing and other things that make me curse

I live in Wyoming, which is a traditionally very outdoorsy state.  It is common to find flyfishermen not 100 ft. from a major roadway here.  Well, as major as the roadways get around here.  So I started last year by teaching Louis the boy how to fish.  It was a bust fish wise.  We had fun, but didn't catch anything in the 15 or so times we were out.  In an effort to improve my stats, or teach my son that yes, we actually can catch fish, I have been doing some research.  Since my public library isn't 24 hours, which I believe the government should pay for and is part of my platform when I run for Queen of the Universe, I am hitting the standby, the internet!  I started here, at the Bass Pro Shop.  Decent overviews and how to get started, but not much detail.

At first glance, Fellow Fishermen looks like a good resource.  Hell, fishing traditionally is taught from one person to another, what better way to learn?  So far it seems to be a good resource, I shall dig deeper another day.

March 13, 2012

Retail Therapy and Crochet Update

Seriously, these are the cutest/awesome-sauciest thing I have seen if fureeeever!  Click here, for the coolest!

Or this!  or this!

Not this. 

I just started a new blog for my crochet!  Knot Stringing Along (I know, lame pun but I just couldn't stop myself from making one) is here,  at 

It is replacing the Doomsday Devices/ Crafts section of this blog.  Aww, collective crying I know.  But you can find all of the crafty fun over at my new spot!  Yay!  I will also have homemade crafts available there and on eBay.  I would use, but uhm, no.  Find me on eBay under the name CodyLouWho    

March 11, 2012

The Week I Cared About 3/11/2012

US soldiers open fired on Afghan civilians, 16 of whom were killed.  President Hamid Karzai is calling it an assassination, and I can't blame him.  Lets hope this isn't another My Lai, the USA military looks bad enough to the rest of the world.  I read the story here

Personally, I support the troops.  These kind of actions are deplorable no matter who was behind them. I have a solution to problems like this, turn down the war machine.  Instead of pouring trillions and trillions of dollars into what has turned into a 10 year long hostile takeover, why don't we pour money into the peace corps?  Or hey, send troops to places with scare fresh water, and they could build a water refining facility... or more pipelines to fresh  water...  I'll be honest I don't really know much about the vast amount of problems that can impact human water supplies around the world, but we could be using those troops to help, instead of patrol.  It seems like the US Military is turning into the world's worst nanny.  We have civil wars and genocide in Africa, homelessness and poverty so deep in India people starve in the streets routinely.  But we "liberated" a society by destroying it.  Where's the love, government? 

Mitt Romney has a billionaire backer, Ken Griffin.  That isn't the scary part.  The scary part is where Mr. Griffin believes that wealthy people should have more influence on politics in the US.  I have news for yoooou brosef.  America is not a feudal system.If you want a royalty system, there are plenty of countries in the world with a long, proud history of an upper class, and a lower class.  The only problem is in a lot of systems, it ends up with the lower class starving and the upper class inbreeding.  Ewwww.   I don't believe that wealthy people should be taxed more heavily that anyone else, but the world shouldn't be slated to pour money in their pockets.
The story without my opinions

And speaking of politics, Great Britain is going to make marriage legal to all consenting adults!  Yay!  The Catholic Diocese in England, however, is blocking it.  Get the full details here.  Shocker.  The head of the Scottish Catholic said they were trying to redefine reality.  Uhm, what?  Redefine what reality?  Perhaps his reality involves cover ups for pedophiles as acceptable, (no, they will never ever live that down) but it is not ok for two people to love each other if they have the same genitals.  They can say its for procreation, but if that was true, then my grandparents would not be married.  My Grandmother went through menopause at 30ish, and she and my Grandpa adopted my Mom.  So, why wouldn't anyone be able to do what my grandparents did?  I'm hoping in America, we can continue to be the land of the free and be free to focus on taking the world in a positive direction.  Let consenting adults marry and divorce as they please!  If a church doesn't like it, they are free to not allow them in their church.  Isn't that a fair compromise?

March 2, 2012

The Week I Cared About 3/2/12

RuPaul's Drag Race : Milan and Kenya were in the bottom.  Ooooh girl!

The idea of drug testing poor people for governement help is still alive.  Goddess help us all.

Insurers and Employers still have to pay for birth control.  Why, again, are we arguing about women having the right to choose their own medical care?

Gay marriage was legalized in Maryland due to religious freedom.  Go Equality!

Police in the USA can legally search cellphones found at crime scenes.  Lock your electronics, people!

Steven Colbert is releasing a children's book called "I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)".  I love him.  Seriously, he makes me laugh so hard I pee myself a little.  Plus, the whole educating the masses about current politics thing.

48 laptops and mobile devices have been stolen from NASA, including an unencrypted laptop with International Space Station control and command codes.  The actual number is probably higher, but as the government relies on employees to self report theft, we'll never know.

Autocorrect does have consequences!  West Hall Middle and High schools were shut down when a text that was supposed to read, "gunna be at west hall today" ended up "gunman be at west hall today". It was reported after being sent to the wrong number, and the schools were cleared after a couple of hours.

A middle school in Pennsylvania has banned open topped boots, because students can hide things in them.  Way to continue treating the school system like the penal system.

And that is what important happened!