March 14, 2012

Beginner fishing and other things that make me curse

I live in Wyoming, which is a traditionally very outdoorsy state.  It is common to find flyfishermen not 100 ft. from a major roadway here.  Well, as major as the roadways get around here.  So I started last year by teaching Louis the boy how to fish.  It was a bust fish wise.  We had fun, but didn't catch anything in the 15 or so times we were out.  In an effort to improve my stats, or teach my son that yes, we actually can catch fish, I have been doing some research.  Since my public library isn't 24 hours, which I believe the government should pay for and is part of my platform when I run for Queen of the Universe, I am hitting the standby, the internet!  I started here, at the Bass Pro Shop.  Decent overviews and how to get started, but not much detail.

At first glance, Fellow Fishermen looks like a good resource.  Hell, fishing traditionally is taught from one person to another, what better way to learn?  So far it seems to be a good resource, I shall dig deeper another day.