March 13, 2012

Retail Therapy and Crochet Update

Seriously, these are the cutest/awesome-sauciest thing I have seen if fureeeever!  Click here, for the coolest!

Or this!  or this!

Not this. 

I just started a new blog for my crochet!  Knot Stringing Along (I know, lame pun but I just couldn't stop myself from making one) is here,  at 

It is replacing the Doomsday Devices/ Crafts section of this blog.  Aww, collective crying I know.  But you can find all of the crafty fun over at my new spot!  Yay!  I will also have homemade crafts available there and on eBay.  I would use, but uhm, no.  Find me on eBay under the name CodyLouWho