March 2, 2012

The Week I Cared About 3/2/12

RuPaul's Drag Race : Milan and Kenya were in the bottom.  Ooooh girl!

The idea of drug testing poor people for governement help is still alive.  Goddess help us all.

Insurers and Employers still have to pay for birth control.  Why, again, are we arguing about women having the right to choose their own medical care?

Gay marriage was legalized in Maryland due to religious freedom.  Go Equality!

Police in the USA can legally search cellphones found at crime scenes.  Lock your electronics, people!

Steven Colbert is releasing a children's book called "I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)".  I love him.  Seriously, he makes me laugh so hard I pee myself a little.  Plus, the whole educating the masses about current politics thing.

48 laptops and mobile devices have been stolen from NASA, including an unencrypted laptop with International Space Station control and command codes.  The actual number is probably higher, but as the government relies on employees to self report theft, we'll never know.

Autocorrect does have consequences!  West Hall Middle and High schools were shut down when a text that was supposed to read, "gunna be at west hall today" ended up "gunman be at west hall today". It was reported after being sent to the wrong number, and the schools were cleared after a couple of hours.

A middle school in Pennsylvania has banned open topped boots, because students can hide things in them.  Way to continue treating the school system like the penal system.

And that is what important happened!