May 13, 2013


I've started writing a new book.  I've gotten a bit burned out on the first one for now.  Its post apocalyptic and the main character stabs a guy on the second page.  Not quite Jenny Lawson's masterpiece (which involved running into a skinned deer) but I'm having fun with it.  Ive seen a lot if old demons this week and it reminds me of things I've lost and gained.  I want to put my experiences into it, but what to put?  Even a true life story wouldn't include every detail, but my life is weirdness in the details.  Perfection in the details.  I get lost in details.  Where am I? 

Marcus and I got a house!  We are staying with my mother (homicidal mommy unit) while we fix it up a bit.  Some paint, a couple of throw pillows, and just like in Young Frankenstein it'll be just like home.  My incredibly generous grandparents gave it to us, and we are so excited!  I walked into this project knowing one thing, I want a yellow happy sunshiny kitchen.  I have no idea how to do anything really with building or remodeling besides paint.  I've helped do the actual painting and that is it.  I tried to put together a bookshelf from a big box store once, and it was, well, .  A fucking disaster is more accurate though.  I'm having fun on the DIY Network and Pintrest getting ideas for what I want to do.  I decided on a coastal cottage theme, and I'm loving it!  For neat-o things I want in my house click here!  I also have a new landlord that owns the lot.  He seemed like a nice, clean-cut yuppie type, and offered to pay for any landscaping I want to do.  My jaw almost hit the floor.  I can grow anything I want?!?  Ya'll that is the first time I've heard that from any landlord.  Of course since we own the trailer its most likely that we will be there for a while.  Oooooh I'm so excited!  I'm gonna have strawberries, and tomatoes, and all kinds of fun stuff!  I would love to have a cherry tree.  I'd like to have one tattooed on me too.  Like this one.