September 22, 2012


Wow. Just wow. So not only does the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, not care about 47% of the country, he says people that do not pay income tax are self-styled victims and freeloaders. Except he does not personally pay income tax, so he said. Except for the fact you can't tell whether Mr. Romney is telling the truth, because he has lied about his taxes before. So, he lies, wants the poor to starve, and is cruel to animals. What a great guy. For more info on the video where he clearly states these “facts” and more, go to Mother Jones Magazine

There are huge protests breaking out in Georgia, the small European nation due to videos released showing prisoners being horrifyingly abused. Beatings and rape are all over this video, and the public is pissed. CNN has the original story here The governement has already arrested most of the individuals involved, according to a statement, and the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance has resigned. Hope is that those responsible will be brought to justice swiftly. Notice that when a huge prison scandal happens there, things get done quickly. Concerning the American prison scandals, well, not so much.

September 16, 2012

Gangnam style!

As I laid here over the last couple of weeks wishing I could get my gastrointestinal system replaced, hopefully with robot parts, I found The Suze Orman Show.  It's a financial show and is awesome sauce.  OMG real financial advice that I understand!  And this is coming from someone that doesn't understand what a ROTH IRA is.  So I watched this show, and it goes through caller's finances and shows them how to get on track, and it brought some things to my attention.  Like how I don't have savings, retirement, or any assets.    I'm almost 30 (if you tell anyone I'll beat you with a shoe) and I have literally nothing.  I also figured out that Marcus and I together buy almost $400 in cigarettes a month.  We sat down last night and did a joint budget.  Now, I've always been Ida Independent, and have never in my life joined my finances with someone else.  The very idea freaks me out.  Granted it could have something to do with the people I chose to be in relationships with, but it is more likely that I'm a major control freak and have serious issues.  Once you've accepted you're crazy it can make things easier.  Anyhoo, we are living slightly less than hand to mouth, and I figured I should figure out what our actual expenses and income are.  According to my math, we were spending in the neighborhood of $200 more than we made.  Yikes!  No wonder I have debt.  So, we sat down and budgeted.  I saw how our money looks together, and with a little reworking it looks good.  I'm going to have to quit smoking.  I need to anyway.

Have you seen this?

Apparently this guy taught Britney Spears to do this on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Yes, it is as hilarious as it sounds.

Tristyn has thrown himself at my feet, crying dramatically that he is starving to death.  Poor kid.  Guess I'll go make him something.

Libya is burning due to crappy filmaking

Have you seen the anti-Islamic video that started the riots in Africa?  See the video here  This is, in my opinion, totally crazy.  This video looks like a racist version of Monty Python's Life Of Brian only less in production values and it makes less sense.  The (mostly) obviously Caucasian actors are painted Snooki orange and really are bad at their craft.  The video has no storyline, other than insulting the Prophet Muhammad.  Actually, in the end of the video one of the characters says things that are actually true, but they are true about the American Christian movement.  "Every non-Muslim is an infidel.  Their lands, their women, their children are our spoils!"  Cue the gratuitous sword slashing.  Seriously, this thing is terrible.  In fact the only reason I watched the whole thing was to figure out what was so inflammatory, rather than just stupid.  They say in this "film" that Prophet Muhammad was both a child molester of girls and gay.  Now don't get me wrong here, but don't gay people generally have sex with members of the same sex?  Hmmm.   I'm not saying it isn't possible that someone could have predilections toward both men and little girls, but that seems very strange.  There hasn't even been a Law & Order SVU episode about it, and they've done pretty much everything.  As for calling someone a child molester, in the time of the bible a person was an adult at 13.  That "girl" looked about 30.  Here is a question for you, how much do you know about Islam and/or the Prophet Muhammad?  My answer was, Uhhhhhhh, not much.  The way I understand it (BBC explains Islam) the Prophet Muhammad is a man of God, the same as Jesus and Abraham.  So why are we fighting again?  Oh, right.  Some ignorant dumb fuck talked crap on the internet, and some other people saw it and became seriously pissed about it.  Do we really need to burn building and kill people to express anger at some random dumbass?  I understand the rage at people who talk crap on the internet, but seriously world, I think the Americans handle it best.  We make angry remarks on their comments page (with some insults thrown in) and thumbs down their video.  Hell, we make fake accounts to thumbs down something several times.  Unethical, but true.  Burning down buildings over an obviously racist, blackface, terrible movie seems a bit excessive to me though.  Just saying.

Other Stuff Happened This Week Too

I am trying desperately to get organized.  This is not working the way I want it to.  Meaning no one has shown up to do it for me.  Which is awful because I seriously suck at this.  

I made meatloaf!  Get the recipe here.  I added home grown tomatoes and balsalmic vinegar.  Awesome!  Marcus almost cried, he loves meatloaf.   Tristyn said it was gross until I told him it was smashed baked beetles, then it was suddenly his favorite.  I love placating my five year old boy sometimes, but it can get gross.

So Tristyn asked me the other day who Mitt Romney was.  Appaerently he heard me ranting to Marcus (who says he doesn't understand politics because he thinks they don't affect him) and wondered who this person was.  So, I explained that I don't like him because he is not nice to animals and is trying to boss me around.  It can be hard to have the entire woman's liberation movement and reproductive rights movement flash through your head and "being bossy" is all you can come up with.  Mr. Romney (because even though I don't believe the man is very smart but that is no reason to be rude to him) is trying to say I have to do what he says, because he says so.  He is not my boss, and should not get to say whether I get to go to the doctor and what for.

So, may you have the same hope that the Chinese people stopping trucks taking dogs to slaughterhouses.  There will be a better day!