September 16, 2012

Gangnam style!

As I laid here over the last couple of weeks wishing I could get my gastrointestinal system replaced, hopefully with robot parts, I found The Suze Orman Show.  It's a financial show and is awesome sauce.  OMG real financial advice that I understand!  And this is coming from someone that doesn't understand what a ROTH IRA is.  So I watched this show, and it goes through caller's finances and shows them how to get on track, and it brought some things to my attention.  Like how I don't have savings, retirement, or any assets.    I'm almost 30 (if you tell anyone I'll beat you with a shoe) and I have literally nothing.  I also figured out that Marcus and I together buy almost $400 in cigarettes a month.  We sat down last night and did a joint budget.  Now, I've always been Ida Independent, and have never in my life joined my finances with someone else.  The very idea freaks me out.  Granted it could have something to do with the people I chose to be in relationships with, but it is more likely that I'm a major control freak and have serious issues.  Once you've accepted you're crazy it can make things easier.  Anyhoo, we are living slightly less than hand to mouth, and I figured I should figure out what our actual expenses and income are.  According to my math, we were spending in the neighborhood of $200 more than we made.  Yikes!  No wonder I have debt.  So, we sat down and budgeted.  I saw how our money looks together, and with a little reworking it looks good.  I'm going to have to quit smoking.  I need to anyway.

Have you seen this?

Apparently this guy taught Britney Spears to do this on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Yes, it is as hilarious as it sounds.

Tristyn has thrown himself at my feet, crying dramatically that he is starving to death.  Poor kid.  Guess I'll go make him something.