September 22, 2012


Wow. Just wow. So not only does the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, not care about 47% of the country, he says people that do not pay income tax are self-styled victims and freeloaders. Except he does not personally pay income tax, so he said. Except for the fact you can't tell whether Mr. Romney is telling the truth, because he has lied about his taxes before. So, he lies, wants the poor to starve, and is cruel to animals. What a great guy. For more info on the video where he clearly states these “facts” and more, go to Mother Jones Magazine

There are huge protests breaking out in Georgia, the small European nation due to videos released showing prisoners being horrifyingly abused. Beatings and rape are all over this video, and the public is pissed. CNN has the original story here The governement has already arrested most of the individuals involved, according to a statement, and the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance has resigned. Hope is that those responsible will be brought to justice swiftly. Notice that when a huge prison scandal happens there, things get done quickly. Concerning the American prison scandals, well, not so much.