October 6, 2012

Call me Maybe dude in a bikini

Do you know who Rosa Parks is? I thought I did. I thought she was a woman that finally got fed up with being treated like a second class citizen, perhaps she was tired. I thought she just one day suddenly decided to not give up her seat on the bus, and unintentionally started one of the biggest protests in American History, the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Not so it turns out. There is a new book out, The Dark End of the Street,documents the fact that she worked for the NAACP as a field secretary. It also shows how the sexual assaults of black women caused much of the civil rights movement as we know it. There was an actual campaign by the white men of the time to rape the black women in the south almost constantly. Crazy, right? I had no idea. (http://atthedarkendofthestreet.com/ )

Random thought of the day: If your penis was being legislated, would you vote differently? - As seen on a protest sign.

Ahhhhhh, the presidential debates are tonight. I wish I could see them, but I unfortunately do not have TV. Whenever I tell people that, they look at me like I said I live in a tent with no bathroom or running water. TV is not needed for survival people. I actually get more done without it. My weakness was watching shows on my computer, but I've moved to radio shows and podcasts. I just can't get anything done with the damn thing on, I just stand there and stare at it. Then 3 hours have passed and I didn't get anything done all day. So now I listen to radio shows and the news. I don't get anything else done for now due to the illness, but I have more time for Candyland. Not that getting rid of TV was a choice, mind you. I was super mad when dumb roommate moved out and took the cable with him. WITH NO WARNING THE FUCKER! I was almost caught up on my back Glee episodes, and the douchie-queen takes the cable box. Figures. Alas, I don't think I would get cable back if I could afford it. Except for the Rachel Maddow Show. Maybe the Voice. If my town received the Logo channel (www.logotv.com) I would get cable back in a second.

As a part of my Gastroparesis, I started a blog. Check it out here!

Also part of my Gastroparesis, I started doing yoga. Yes, the stretching thing you sometimes see people at the gym do. It is harder than it looks, and is even harder it keep a room in my house clean long enough to do it daily. Well, like twice daily. Not that Ive been keeping up with that, but by gosh Ive been trying.

New funniest stuff ever!  

Yes, the song is over played, so here it is again, only better!  Sweetness!  Marcus has been singing the version below for almost a week now.

PS - If you live in Pennsylvania, you can vote without an ID.  Your state government is lying to you.  Vote!  Get the full story at The Rachel Maddow Show.