October 8, 2012

Random Treasures

Due to recent medical issues, I have spent a fair amount of time in and out of hospitals.  Ugh, right?  Anyway, when you show up at the hospital they ask you a lot of rediculous questions, like "I see you've been vomiting blood.  Are you in any pain?  Tell me on a scale of one to ten how bad your pain is."  I just found a website that has a much better chart.  Badass Pain Chart

Can you tell I've been trolling the internets?  Yay!  I found this video, called Alyssa Lies.  I would put the youtube video up on here, but for some reason the video players hate my blog.  So, click the link!  Yeah!  Peer pressure!

So, I've had this rather reliable Samsung slide phone from Straight Talk (Wal-mart's track phone brand) for about a year, and it starts going white screen on me randomly, so I can't even use it.  Lame!  I was able to get a new flip phone, but messages and calls have been haywire this week.  Damn you bastard cell phone!  Why do I rely on you?!?

I love all of the cancer groups with the cute names.  I love it!  Die Cancer!  You suck!  Pink Rack Project on Facebook.

Podcast Roundup:

Sam the Cooking Guy Livecast - I love this show.  Sam the Cooking guy is in his kitchen, sometimes cooking, sometimes ranting.  Good stuff!  It showcases his living room, kitchen, and I believe son's office.  Son monitors the social media (facebook, twitter) during the show, wife wanders around and yells rando things, and they cook!  Great show for people with ADD.  Five stars!