October 24, 2012

So funny I peed a bit, plus free money!

I just got done watching the Queens of Comedy and it fucking killed me.  Hilarious!  I saw it on Netflix.  I've been obsessed with Drop Dead Diva since I finished the last season of Glee.

Just discovered Penny Pinching Polly on Facebook.  Freebies galore!  She has a live event every Saturday from 8pm-10pm Mountain time in the US.  If you are a non-english speaker, use Google Translate and get free stuff!

I am finally watching the presidential debates.  Well, the third one.  Romney says he wants equality for women in other countries, why doesn't he want that here?  He wants to take away my ability to get birth control and get an abortion.  I don't want/need one, but I should have the right to do anything to my body I want.  If I feel like taking out my uterus and juggling with it I should be able to.

Look, people that need help.      Syria is in trouble.

I wish there was a place where you could watch old TV shows.  Netflix has some, but there good old choices are not as broad as they could be.  I miss I Dream of Jeannie and You Can't Say That On Television.  I would say that I miss Bewitched, but you can find it here.

Seriously, best costume ever.

Mommy tip of the day:  Drug your kids before trying to cut their hair.  I tried to give Tristyn a haircut and he kept moving around.  There are a couple of extra short spots on his head now.  Thank gods he isn't in high school, those kids can be so rude.  Kindergarteners only notice things like green hair, not how much your haircut cost.  I found my clippers, so he has an even haircut now.  Yay!  His hair was so long it was getting in his eyes.  Mumsey dearest thought it would be a good idea to cut it out of his eyes, and for like a week he looked like a lego man.  Poor kid.  Last night I finally convinced him to let me cut it like Marcus', which is shaved and short, about a half inch long.  He loves it!  I am so glad, because once you cut your hair that short, there's no going back.

The holiday season is coming!  Well, in 6 months.  Easter?  No!  April Fool's Day?  Hell no!  Its the best holiday ever, Cheeseweasel Day!  The cheeseweasel comes on April 3rd and leaves cheese by your computer if you were good.  Like Santa for adults.  Only a weasel.  Sweet!