February 24, 2012

Best Quote and Leprosy

New best quote ever:
Religion is a lot like a penis - So please:
~ Respect that not everyone has one
~ Don't pull it out and wave it around
~  Don't shove it down every one's throat!
Funny stuff. And true.

I have eczema, and I have had a major flare-up for about a week now.  My arms, torso, and face are covered.  Even my eyelids have been burning and peeling.  It has been affecting my vision, and it hurts for me to sit too long.  It actually even hurts to wear clothes.  Which I do, because I'm sure Ty the roommate would get all weirded out if I didn't.  I can feel the seam of my super worn T-shirt running along the inside of my elbow as I move my fingers to type.  Ooooh its a creepy feeling.  I feel like I have Leprosy.  I swear, I'm waiting for one of my fingers to fall off.  Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic.  Thank Goddess its finally starting to clear up.  I used a combination of covering myself in oil when I step out of the shower before I dry off, and trying to sleep more. 

News!  I'm getting a new roommate.  Felix seems cool, and he doesn't touch my stuff.  He also has no problem sleeping on the couch.  Yay!  He is obsessed with the song Caribou Lou by Tech N9ne tho.  I swear I have heard it at least once a day since he started hanging out.  He has been hanging out here and sleeping in our chair since he arrived from California.  He does have his own apartment, but he doesn't have a tv, or anything fun.  So, he hangs out with us and our Xbox 360.  He watches RuPaul's Drag Race with me, so that is ok.  I miss living right underneath my best friend Oleander though.  She and I lived in an apartment building, and I never had to put on shoes to go to her house.

My phone is off this month.  It makes me angry because i made sure I paid my rent, and I bought cigs for me, James, Ty, and Felix.  I bought for Ty and Felix because I've been bumming off them for a week.  Ok, 2 weeks.  So James came home from getting his check cashed, and had bought a phone card and didn't pay all of his rent.  Also, he owes Felix almost $100 for various things.  And hasn't paid him back.  Yesterday was James' birthday and his mom gave him $100 for a new phone.  Ty took him to the store and pitched in another $100 so he could get the touch phone he wanted.  So right now, I'm sitting at home with no phone, and no car.  Where is my car, you ask?  El Bumblebeeito (my car) is at work with James.  At least, I'm assuming that because the car is gane and so are my keys.  Who has two thumbs and is super pissed?  This chick.