February 2, 2012

Drama in the LBZ

Drama drama drama.  Don't we all say we don't want it, don't want anything to do with it, and get it away?  I up until recently had a roommate I had known for a long time.  She ended up treating me like her housemaid and overcharging me for a room.  Granted, she took me and my son when we were homeless, but that is no reason to yell at my kid for not picking up after your kids.  Sandy also had 4 large dogs she refused to walk or pay attention to, so they would eat anything from toys to clothing.  She was a terrible parent, and was supposed to have full custody of her kids.  Sandy would drop her kids off at their dad's house and refuse to come back for them for at least a week.  She constantly had new guys over for the night, and wanted me to "cover for her".  None of this would be a big issue by itself, but all of these together along with me "needing to pay attention to her" made me want to punch myself in the face everyday.  Sandy would wake me up by screaming my name over and over so she could tell me about all of the guys she had fucked the night before, and so i could tell her she was pretty.  The last time she woke me up I told her to get a boyfriend and leave me alone.  She said she was too busy "seeing what she could get for a gold pussy" but ended up sleeping with one guy for over a week because he bought her a car.  The next one I guess is buying her a house and a ring, but I moved out before that happened.  I was tired of them asking me why my boyfriend bought me so many different flowers.  He didn't, that was just all of the different guys she was banging.  A couple of them got seriously pissed when he laughed and said he didn't buy me flowers.

So Sandy had sent me a couple of texts since I moved, that were basically pay me my money (which I don't owe her).  I finally got pissed about it last time, about a week ago.  I called her a bloody cunt rag and told her to get off her high horse, I don't owe her shit.  Then today, I saw her on a social networking site, and it pissed me off again.  I wrote a lot of ugly things to her and about her where everyone and God could see it.  She sent me a message about how I need to grow up.  So there wasn't any more miscommunication, I called her.  I informed Sandy she needed to learn some manners and lose my number, because I was tired of her stupid bullshit.  It amazes me that simply telling someone you despise how you feel about them and asking them to crawl into a hole and die seems to only yield them insulting me, or in this case silence, and not their death as hoped.  Ah, well.  Bah.  I know perhaps... it was childish for me to continually insult her with no real provocation on her part.  I also know I would have just been waiting for the next time she decided to be an asshole to someone and remembered me.  So, Sandy is on my People I wouldn't Piss on if they Were on Fire list.  I hope she enjoys it, the douchie-queen.

I must confess, when someone has angered me  to the point that I am sure I no longer want to have anything to do with them ever again, I do enjoy unleashing a stream of well timed, colorful, and suicide-inducing insults.  Yay for hobbies!