February 13, 2012

My eyes hurt.

I woke up having one of those days where everything sucks.  My eyes hurt, eczema patches sprang up on them.  On them!  Ahhh!  And I found out James and I are working opposite shifts on Valentine's Day.  The one time I actually have someone to hang out with, and we both have to work.  Stupid being an adult.  I hate everything today.  Lucky for me, I have Louis and can force him to give me kisses muahahaha!  That is a trick most non-parents don't know, you can make your kids do just about anything.  I bribe Louis with frozen juice pops for kisses.  Or tell him I'm sad and need lots of kisses.  He gives me a long suffering sigh, and says, "Ok Mama."  I am so high maintenance my 5 yr old notices, and judges me!  Oh, well.  He runs around in his underwear with dinosaurs.  I hate being judged by people before they get into age double digits.  My friend's daughter tells me I'm weird every time I see her.  Just because I try and borrow her shoes when she steals mine, and I act like I can't figure out why they won't fit.  Of course, she is usually wearing 2 ball gowns and a stethoscope for fashion, but when you're 6 you're everything at once. 

Is it all grown men that are incapable of doing their own laundry?  It seems crazy to me, but every time I'm in a relationship with a man I end up doing his laundry.  At least James folds.  Granted, he doesn't do anything else like put it away or even move the basket away from the couch, but he will fold it after I wash it.  Eventually.  *sigh*  Of course, I hear it is the same for my lesbian friends.  In the relationships I've seen there is one partner with the more domestic and traditionally feminine responsibilities, and the other has the masculine stuff.  It can't be according to temperament, I am the least feminine person I know.  Gender roles are weird, especially when you look at other cultures.  Of course, gender roles are a bit flip flopped in my house.  James, the greatest boyfriend ever, helps me take care of Louis, and spends a fair amount of time with him. 

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!  I have a big plan of lighting some tea lights i found in a box and cuddling with James.  You know, after we both work alternating shifts.  Damn.  I bet it'll be a watching movies and eating fish sticks on the couch kind of night, and I couldn't be happier about it.