February 12, 2012

Crossing the Line ~Realness~

There has been (and always will be unfortunately) a lot of domestic violence in the news.  Granted some stories are light on your mind, such as Brittney Baxter's escape from her kidnapper.  Some stories weigh heavy on my soul when I read them, like the evil of the act was so bad it created a stain on my mind.  Josh Powell for one.  He is suspected of killing his wife last year, and custody of his sons was taken away from him for unrelated charges.  He had a supervised visit with his 2 young boys, and the second they showed up at the door with a social worker, he snatched them inside and locked her out.  As the social worker was calling 911, Powell proceeded to kill his young sons with a hatchet and then exploded his house in a fiery inferno.  What the hell dude?  So people like that can have contact with their children, but I have a couple of friends that lost custody of their kids because there was marijuana in the house.  Crazy.

Enough ugliness.  I'm turning on the food channel.