February 12, 2012

Whoohoo New Stuff!

I finally figured out my cafepress store!  I think...  I'm not really sure to be honest. I am sure that we have some awesome treasures for you here, The Prairie Ninja Store or over there to the left, where it says Lookit! Lookit!  I had a crabby day, so I made earrings that say suck it.  Sometimes its just a suck it kind of day.

I suppose I don't really need to be crabby, even though I was given 20 hours again this week.  I'm glad to be job hunting, almost.  At least now I'm opening myself up to something that can be an actual career, since living paycheck to paycheck is killing me slowly.  We aren't even really living at this point.  Hell, I can't afford to buy new socks for Louis, much less myself.  This blows.

James traded in some of his old games for Super Smash Brothers Brawl today.  So I'm watching him play it.  Maybe I'll just go to bed, it isn't that interesting to watch.  Now if he was geeking out on some Resident Evil that would be cool.  I love watching that game.  The movies are good too, but I like the game better, plus I rule at the puzzles.

I just realized that I said the links were on the left.  Can you tell I have issues with my left and right?