February 9, 2012

Chicken Says No

So James and I were at work, and he and David were in the back.  David informs me, out of the blue in his usual fashion, "Did you know they did a study with men and chickens, and tested how they would respond to attractive women?  The chickens responded 99% or something the same as the men.  As to whether they were attractive I mean."
"What?  Really?"  So now I'm going to get clocked by a chicken?  Damn.
"Yeah, next time I meet a girl that says she's hot, and she isn't, I'm going to pull out a chicken, and look at her and say, 'Chicken says no.'"
"Well Dave, its important to have standards."

I love most of the kids I work with.  Dave is fun.  Melissa and Sofie are also fun.  Melissa and Sofie are best friends and we all play with Punk Pony and Sherburt. We all get along pretty well.  Then we have Penny.  Penny is... well sometimes she tries.  However, the fact she is a raging bitchface all the time, delights in ordering people around, and is completely useless and only manages to get in the way, seems to be getting in the way of her connecting with pretty much anyone else in the store.  I can't stand an obvious toady kiss-ass.  Penny watches the bosses' kids sometimes and goes to their house and won't shut the fuck up about it.  Then I remember that I have a high school kid's job and want to shoot myself for a moment.  This is the least amount of money I've earned since I was 18, and the strain is showing.  Bah.  Tomorrow is another day, I just need to keep moving forward.