February 11, 2012

Looking at the beach

So I've had this fantasy for a long time of moving to the Galapagos Islands, working on endangered species breeding programs, and living on the beach.  Or next to it in a hut with a hot tub, whatever.  I would live with a well oiled man named Fernando, who would look something like Antonio Banderas at 20 and would only say "Yes my queen".  I would have my morning coffee and watch the tropical birds wake up with the world.  I'm pretty sure this fantasy is the only reason I haven't killed anyone.  Yet.

As I sit in my basement with good friends watching Boondock Saints, I am thinking about how blessed I am to have them in my life.  Yes, even you Kylie.  My friends are fun, but most people don't seem to understand our relationships.  Most, if not all of the relationships I have are at least in part based on insults.  Don't get me wrong, they are not (except in extreme cases like Greg the Annoying Grill Guy) heartfelt, but they can be pretty rude. Like I have a friend that is a lesbian, I told her the other day her superhero name was the Rug Doctor.  She thought it was hilarious.

I officially don't like anonymous troll posters.  It is hard to follow someone around and ridicule their ideas if they don't leave at least a screen name behind.  How else can I know that not only did TimsMom73 (I made it up, sorry if someone really has that name)  say something stupid on one post, but several others?  And that frees me up to smash their ideas repeatedly.  So down with anonymous posters!  Own what you say!

Now the Harold and Kumar Christmas Special is on.  This is a bit bizarre.  Sobriety totally ruins these movies.