February 19, 2012

Fun Stuff and My Free Time - Ha!

I'm playing my new addiction, Mousehunt.  It is a free (I hate paying for games) online game where you make mousetraps to catch mice.  Sounds simple, but these guys made everything into a dice roll, and the mice can be pretty tricky.  Little bastards.  Very fun, but it was specifically designed to be low bandwidth and easy to play for a couple of minutes and then go back to work, or Internet auctions.  Haha.

Now that I have my food stamps card (it came!!!  yay!!!)  I'm making an actual grocery list.  I'm so excited!  I'm starting to think I have too much fun on recipe sites.  I use All Recipes and Food Network for most of mine, after that one internet adventure where I ended up on a dog recipes site.  They didn't have food for dogs, it was food of dogs.  Gross.  I'm sorry but I can't imagine a dog being a delicious animal.  Granted chickens are rather nasty yet delicious, but they stay in a yard.  Movement seems to be important.  Dogs run all over the place and lick their asses.  I won't eat cat for the same reason.  Plus I like most dogs and cats.  People travel around a lot, but I hate most people soI don't think I would have a problem eating one.  I mean, my neighbors are safe (for now) but in a Donner Party situation, people will die before my dog will.  I hope people will still go on road trips with me.  I wonder if, when driving in a situation where I could be potentially stranded,  I should bring an extra person.  Like the story about the bear dog.  A man adopted a dog, and said he wanted it for hunting, since he hunted in bear country.  The lady at the rescue said "Are you sure?  He has only one eye, and three legs."  Guy said sure, that way he just had to outrun the dog, not the bear.   

Sorry I haven't posted a ton this week gang, Im working on a new layout for here, and I've have this migrane for 2 days now.  Ugh.