March 11, 2012

The Week I Cared About 3/11/2012

US soldiers open fired on Afghan civilians, 16 of whom were killed.  President Hamid Karzai is calling it an assassination, and I can't blame him.  Lets hope this isn't another My Lai, the USA military looks bad enough to the rest of the world.  I read the story here

Personally, I support the troops.  These kind of actions are deplorable no matter who was behind them. I have a solution to problems like this, turn down the war machine.  Instead of pouring trillions and trillions of dollars into what has turned into a 10 year long hostile takeover, why don't we pour money into the peace corps?  Or hey, send troops to places with scare fresh water, and they could build a water refining facility... or more pipelines to fresh  water...  I'll be honest I don't really know much about the vast amount of problems that can impact human water supplies around the world, but we could be using those troops to help, instead of patrol.  It seems like the US Military is turning into the world's worst nanny.  We have civil wars and genocide in Africa, homelessness and poverty so deep in India people starve in the streets routinely.  But we "liberated" a society by destroying it.  Where's the love, government? 

Mitt Romney has a billionaire backer, Ken Griffin.  That isn't the scary part.  The scary part is where Mr. Griffin believes that wealthy people should have more influence on politics in the US.  I have news for yoooou brosef.  America is not a feudal system.If you want a royalty system, there are plenty of countries in the world with a long, proud history of an upper class, and a lower class.  The only problem is in a lot of systems, it ends up with the lower class starving and the upper class inbreeding.  Ewwww.   I don't believe that wealthy people should be taxed more heavily that anyone else, but the world shouldn't be slated to pour money in their pockets.
The story without my opinions

And speaking of politics, Great Britain is going to make marriage legal to all consenting adults!  Yay!  The Catholic Diocese in England, however, is blocking it.  Get the full details here.  Shocker.  The head of the Scottish Catholic said they were trying to redefine reality.  Uhm, what?  Redefine what reality?  Perhaps his reality involves cover ups for pedophiles as acceptable, (no, they will never ever live that down) but it is not ok for two people to love each other if they have the same genitals.  They can say its for procreation, but if that was true, then my grandparents would not be married.  My Grandmother went through menopause at 30ish, and she and my Grandpa adopted my Mom.  So, why wouldn't anyone be able to do what my grandparents did?  I'm hoping in America, we can continue to be the land of the free and be free to focus on taking the world in a positive direction.  Let consenting adults marry and divorce as they please!  If a church doesn't like it, they are free to not allow them in their church.  Isn't that a fair compromise?