April 29, 2012


So I found this story on helicopter parents, and how they ruin the world.  The Week covered why some egg hunts for kids were cancelled, apparently the parents couldn't let the kids have fun, they had to jump the ropes and get in the middle of it before even all of the kids were on the field.  People are obsessed with making sure their children never lose at anything and are willing to become psychos to ensure it.  God knows that children these days may become eternally scarred if they don't win at everything.  It sickens me.  Your kids need to fail, and have you teach them how to deal with it, or what will they do when they grow up and aren't equipped to deal with failure and  rejection?  Parenting is not about treating your child like an egg you have to coddle so it won't break.  Being a parent is about teaching your children about life.

And switching to a totally different topic, Cartagena!  There is a scandal (isn't there always) currently involving the White House and prostitution.  Apparently, a couple of Secret Service members were involved, as was non-payment of services rendered. Hey, you ordered the pizza, pay for it before you eat it, douche.