April 30, 2012

Adventure Into Nightlife Or I Am Too Old For This Crap

I was invited out by Marsha, a friend from a former job.  We had never gone out together, so we picked a dance bar and our rides for the night, and went for it.  One broken pair of glasses and a hungover me was the damage.  I'm lucky I survived at all. 

Today I applied for a job I actually want.  I'm so excited I kind of want to pee myself.  Now it's the blind date stage, they look me over and decide if they want to pay me to hang out with them.  Hey, a free meal is a form of payment.  Gods, I hope they like me. 

I hate arguing with my significant other.  Seriously hate it.  I will argue with someone over anything from politics to why the world would be better if the sky was purple all the time, but I hate arguing about life or emotions.  I can't stay detached about my own life, and when I have to acknowledge that I actually have feelings then things get really ugly.  Stupid emotions. 

I heard an argument today involving yet another war our country is involved in, "The Mommy Wars".  I saw a clip of Jenny Lawson from thebloggess.com (my personal hero) on CNN talking about working moms vs stay at home moms.  This is the most ridiculous argument in the world.  Many women are stay at home moms, and they do the same thing a live in housekeeper/nanny/laundress/chef/personal assistant would do, except the kids are generally hers and she doesn't get an actual paycheck.  Many women choose to work, and if they make enough money, can outsource some of these jobs.  Still more women have to work for many reasons, most of them money related.  I am a working mom because I am a single mom, I don't have that all important.  I would love to be a stay at home mom, but I also like living indoors.  Landlords get so pissy when you can't pay rent.  Why don't we all unite as people with children that want the best for them?  Hell, we can even let the dads in on it!