April 3, 2012

Death by lack of stomach bile

So I've been puking for a week.  And I spilled a bowl of soup on my computer.  And I'm not happy about either.  Stupid sick.  Stupid gravity.  Annoying.  Also, I have been working on my other blog some but ive mostly just been dying.  Ive missed you! 

Also, I finally got to the doctor.  I have severe exzema, and not zombieism.  It was a bit of a letdown, but the gave me steroids and told me to oil myself up, so I've been yelling "Are you ready for WrestleMania?!?"  and running around my house, because I feel like a pro wrestler.  "Can you smell, what the Rock is cookin'?" (It was steak.  Yum steak.)

Why do people not keep track of their pets anymore?  I saw 3 different dogs in my yard today, and I don't have any pets.  Besides the fish I make up elaborate dramas about, but they don't judge you so don't judge them.  Or the fact their names change weekly.  I digress.  I've seen one of these dogs before, its a rat terrier bastard that has brought trash all  over my yard and did the same to my next door neighbor today.  Bastard asshole dog.  He had a collar and was clearly well fed.  Whoever owns him is just lucky the bull mastiff on the other side of me didn't see it, or he would have suddenly been a squeaky toy.  If you aren't intelligent enough to keep your animal contained you are not smart enough to own it.  I can understand once or twice, but I work nights.  If I notice your animal out and about all the goddamn time when I don't even wake up until 2pm most days there is a fucking problem here people. 

OooooH!  I found an Internet meme that is not totally and completely retarded.  Ok, sorry, I don't get the facebook guy with all the lines.  Or, pretty much any of the other ones.  The perception one is cool though.  See what I'm yammering about here. 

And what the hell is wrong with Netflix?  I was trying to watch the roast of Charlie Sheen earlier (he always makes me feel better about my self and choices) and it was running slow, and skipping, and was all fuckered up.  If I wanted shitty quality skipping, I would have taken it off Limewire and saved myself the fucking membership fee.  Bastardasses.