April 22, 2012

My Feet Hurt and My Hair isCurly

After a minor procedure, I am off the painkillers and remembered that my computer does something other than go to Neopets and play games.  It has Pintrest!  And the NewNowNext Awards.  So, officially, Willam was kicked off of RuPaul's Drag Race for being pregnant.  Whore.  Shoutout to Oleander for guessing it!  That bitch is always right, and she knows it.

I have missed my friends, and the outside world.  Sometimes its just so hard to actually go outside.  I love being outside, but lately i feel so chained to the house.  And tired.  God I have been so tired.  I keep wanting to do so much, and... nothing.  Not that I currently have enough money to do anything.  Bah.  Being poor blows.  I heard today that a two income family makes 15% less money than a one income family did 40 years ago.

A thought occurred to me today.  I wonder if some people have children because they're lonely.  That is a crappy cure, just so everyone knows.  Sometimes when I was a single mom and living alone (with Louis) sometimes I would get so lonely I would cry.  Don't tell anyone I have emotions, it would totally ruin my reputation.

I found this bit of hilarity on Stumble.  Historical Facebook Updates

 The first nice day this year that I actually felt like going outside, and we all played in the sprinkler.  I got a sunburn, and James accidentally dropped Louis on his side.  Yay!