January 31, 2012

Video Games and Such

Watching cartoons with Ty makes me realize what a 5 yr old I am.  Hmmm.  What to do today with my 5 yr old?  No car today, as a low-income family, we only have one and I slept through getting it for the day. Damn me.  Walkies in the snow?   Snow men! and Snow Ice cream!  Much better.  If not for the constant wind, it would be... dare I say it? Perfection.

Speaking of families, mine is interesting.  I was raised by a single mom, with one full-blood brother.  I ended up with 2 half sisters and a plethora of brothers and sister of another mother.  I am lucky to have so many people in my life I haven't been forced to kill.  Or at least maim.  I was blessed with a son/dinosaur 5 years ago, and raised him on my own up until... well now.  A couple of months ago I met James.  I started a new job, 3 days after meeting him I was in his bed.  That never happens, by the way. We've been inseparable ever since.  My son knows his bio-dad (unfortunately) and doesn't call James dad, but my son Louis is madly in love with my boyfriend.  Or fiancee, since last week he asked me to marry him.  Men suck.  I do love James, but he asked me to marry him when we were in bed.

Ok, heres the story.  So James and I, love at first sight, stayed every night (except for 2) for almost 3 months together, madly in love.  He says to me, "I really need a new phone."
"Ok baby."  I think This is a bit weird for post-nookie cuddle time conversation, but ok I guess.
"But I was thinking of buying something else with my next check."
"Like?" Groceries? A new video game?  PRESENTS FOR MEEEEEE????
"Oh, I was going to a jewelry store."
"For why?"  Presents for me?  Presents for me? Meee?????
"I was gonna buy you something."  He was smiling in the dark.  Smug bastard.
Now I was getting excited, "What?  What is it???  TELL ME!!!!"  What could it be?
"Its a surprise."
"Is it... earrings?" I wonder...
"Is it a necklace?"  Could it be a ring?
"No." I turned around and saw his satisfied smile, the one guys give you when they think youre such a cute little dumb woman.
"Is it a diamond studded tongue ring?"  I don't have piercings.
He gave me a look, "You already know what it is, don't you?"
"No.  Is it a clit ring with rubies?" I started laughing.  "Cuz that would be weird."
"No, baby.  Do you seriously not know?"
"Is it... a ring?  A shiny one?  A pretty shiny one that I can wave around and say 'Someone loves me enough to chain themselves to me forever!  In your faces, single bitches!' Something like that?"
"Wow, thats... exactly it. Oh, crap."
"I forgot to ask you to marry me."
Yeah, you did. You forgot the romantic in-front-of-my-family-on-your-knee-thing too. "Really? Oh, yeah I guess you did."
"Will you marry me?"
"Seriously?  We're in bed naked, we've known each other barely 2 months, and we just moved in together.  You sure you want to do this?"
"What do you mean?" He sounded a bit hurt now.
"James, I love you.  You are 21, and I'm 27.  Aren't you concerned about tying yourself to someone when youre this young?"
"No. I love you, and I want you forever."
And we were engaged.