January 31, 2012

365 or Creativity Gone Awry

I have been hearing a lot about these 365 projects.  The only problem I have with them is my inability to remember I'm doing them after day 4 or so.  So here I go, I'm going to take a picture for every day.  Today's picture is...
James the Boyfriend
 He is enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, ignoring me.  Well, he says he isn't ignoring me, but the only time I can get consistent eye contact with him is if I ride him, and really that is only after he drops the controller.  No, a blowjob doesn't make him pay attention to me, but getting one while playing Saint's Row makes me the "best girlfriend ever!"  Dammit. Roommate says I'm not allowed to hang out during gamer time anymore too.  Just messing.