June 2, 2014


The human experience is strange.  Every moment, there are almost 7 billion humans thinking.  How many epiphany moments is that?  How many of those thoughts are of joy, or love?  How many are destructive or vengeful?  Walking through life in your own path and only seeing through your own eyes is so very... shallow to me.   I sometimes dream of living in Paris, or herding cattle in Africa.  To experience life as another person is fascinating to me.  A shared moment with another person, or being, is one of life's greatest experiences.  Looking into another person's eyes and knowing that you're thinking the exact same things at the same time.  We form committees and groups to build on ideas, and form solutions.  I believe we should take one random person from each country in the world, and put them together in a round room to solve the world's problems.  Communication at this point in time is fairly easy, even Google Translate can change English to Afrikaans in the blink of an eye.  I say give each group a month, then change them out for new people.  Give each group one problem.  For example, what steps can we take to end world hunger?  The next group checks their work, then moves on with their own problem.  The membership of this group would also have to be completely random.  Sure it sounds like the UN a bit, but that, like most organizations, is run by rich old guys.  This is clearly not working, and never will.  In America almost all of our lawmakers are white men over the age of 60.  Most of this country doesn't fit in that demographic.  We have a half-black president now, which is a step in the right direction.  However, it would be nice to be able to actually vote for a president, since we bill ourselves as democratic.  But I digress.  It would be nice to have someone besides special interest groups working for the betterment of the whole world, but sometimes it seems like they are the only ones who care.