January 31, 2014

Walk away

He got busted.  My sweet child's worthless sperm donor was arrested, and I was thrilled.  "Finally!  Finally he will have to stand in court and explain why he's refusing to contribute to his child.  Finally he'll have to answer to running out on his flesh and blood and all of the other crimes he's committed."  But no, my local police department decided to let him out on bond.  Granted, I guess his mommy had to pay $3,500 ish to bail him out, but that's small consolation.  He's out on the streets, less than 24 hours later.  Child Support Enforcement found out he was incarcerated because I called them.  Hell the cops only found him because I called them and told them where to look.  So the state got paid and I got nothing.  Less than nothing, since the Sargent I talked to promised they would let me know if they arrested him and if he was released, and I got nothing.  Not really a surprise since the last time I talked to them I was told the only way I would be safe from him is if I went into hiding.  I shaved my head and moved out of state.  He is now $29,584 behind with no payment, and no apparent consequences.  He just gets arrested, bailed out, and runs off.  I probably won't hear anything until he gets popped for something else, but at this point I'm done.  I did my civic duty helping the cops, several times even.  I've gotten screwed over and lied to.  Good job, police department.  Also great job prosecution office that refused to charge him with kidnapping and beating me.  Now it's time to walk away.  It's been almost 2 years since I've talked to him.  I seriously thought he was dead.  Well if you don't hear from someone long enough they might be dead, and he had stopped calling me and asking me to leave my boyfriend.

So just walk away.