January 28, 2014

Drag Queen?

I am a Drag Queen. Yes, I am a Drag Queen. I am many things, including a biological female, mother, writer, lover, singer, queer, artist, and Drag Queen. Yes, I am in a relationship with a man so we will go into the queer thing later, but for now, we are focusing on the fabulous. I have gotten quite a bit of flack about identifying myself as such, but I feel it is no different than any other queen. I've been called a queer and a faggot, been threatened, been told I'm disgusting, wrong, and a liar just for being called/calling myself a Drag Queen. Even people in the gay community have told me I “can't” call myself that, simply because I was not born with a penis. Well good luck telling me what to do hunty. I like to think of myself as America's Premier Female on Female Impersonator. Which is to say, I look as much like a real woman as Cher. Are you ever going to run into Cher at the grocery store? No way shtupid! Now there unfortunately isn't a drag scene where I live, so it ends up a lot like performance art, it doesn't pay for shit. Now granted I have a lot of fun with it, but the best I get is free drinks. I got started with my version of drag basically in an effort to feel pretty, because I didn't anymore. For more details, check out the very awesome show I was on!

After I had my lovely son, my body... well, it didn't look the same. I was listening to random music videos on youtube, I ran across this gem.  I should mention here I had no clue who RuPaul was.

I loved it! I felt the same way watching this video that I did the first time I saw Naomi Campbell when I was a girl, the overwhelming jealousy and want/need to be them, or at least like them. Oh, well. I thought if you're not born like that I guess it just flat isn't in the cards. After the video I saw a link to RuPaul's Drag Race the TV show. I turned on season 1, episode 1. Find RuPaul's Drag Race Here! Vrooooom!

If you've never seen it, This will be a bit of a spoiler alert. Go watch it, then come back. No, I'm serious, I'll wait. Go!

Ok, in the beginning all of the ladies come in separately in full regalia, they do a small challenge, then they get out of drag. Until that point, I had no idea they were men. I actually thought it was a weird beauty pageant show. When I saw the transformation I was floored. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!?!? Those beautiful women with glitter, ballgowns, and perfect bodies WERE DUDES?!?!? I MUST INVESTIGATE FURTHER!!!!! Until that point, I'd always felt too fabulous to be defined as any one thing. I've found myself wishing at time that I had been born a gay man, because then I would know more about who I was and honestly some of my eccentricities would be more acceptable. Anyhoo, on this journey I've called myself a couple of different things, from my real name to a name my character at that time embodied, Coia Cuppcake. I was going for sweet, bubbly, nice. Basically the very things I generally lack. I feel another incarnation coming on. I've always felt like an amoeba of tie-dyed rainbow, edged in black lace. Maybe some fire too. I hate being defined by any word, or even a set of words, unless at least a couple of them are contradictory.  More on this later!  Tata for now!