April 19, 2015


Fun, I'm working on my ability to have fun.  What to do for fun?  Endless hours of playing Neopets?  I do sometimes, I love it.

Those are two of my pets!  It's fun, wonderful, interesting and family/work friendly.  But what else is a girl to do for fun?  I like DragonFable too, it's a dungeon crawler but very fun.  Also hilarious.  I visit friends and we cackle, and I enjoy my garden too.  But what can I do with other humans?  My son finally talked me into playing video games with him, and I should have connected with him like this long before now.  Worms is awesome.  Tristyn's Grandma Medussa found the coolest checkers game ever!

If your little person is a dino fan, I highly recommend this set.  Super fun!  I am not good at strategy games but Tristyn doesn't pick on me too much.  He's a good kid.  He does get a tad upset when someone else wins, but we are working on being happy for our friend when they beat us and sharing in their accomplishment, rather than thinking we are a loser and getting mad.  I have trouble with it sometimes so I get his issue, and his anger.  Sharing in good times is much more fun than being mad.  We both need a good dose of that.