April 18, 2015

Duck duck Squirrel

How fricken cute is that?  A duckie with a tiara! 

Aww a baby bun bun!

Rawr!  i is feeeerocious!

So now that we've got our smiles on, we should get to business.  It's spring!  In wyoming, that means when the freezing temps change randomly to 70+ degrees and random rains melt the snow.  And then it snows again.  I decided I was going to grow food this year.  Thanks to my mom and her lovely internet, I was able to take a couple of weeks to research, and I did it almost exactly wrong with good results.  I swear that is my calling card.  However, I have peas!  Lotsa peas!  17 pea plants at last count, which is way more than any one family needs.  well, perhaps it'll be just enough with grandparents, siblings and cousins.  Plus a wonderful landlord that is a health food nut.  Next I'm planting strawberries, and salad greens seed.  You know, if the rain ever lets up.  I did manage to throw out some wildflowers in the flower bed, transplant my rose and my indoor garlic that sprouted on my counter.  I am so excited!

empty for now, just insert hopes and dreams

I'm gonna be a real garden!

With snow.


baby peas


Garlic and roses

Tristyn and I made labels out of tiles with sharpie, but the sharpie washed off.  So next is nail polish.  Ha!  I read that garlic and roses make good bed buddies, so we will see how that works.  I'll be planting the strawberries with salad greens, and preparing my largest blank bed for tomatoes in a couple of months.  Cherry and regular!  I'm so excited!

What exciting spring thing are you up to?