July 3, 2014

Its a fresh one

A fresh piece of hell that is.  I want to will myself into feeling better.  I will let you know if that ever pans out.
I've found my dream home, I'm going to build a tiny house on wheels.  Now all i have to do is come up with the money for it.  And figure out where to build it, and where I'm gonna park it.  Also i have to figure out how I'm going to build it with no building experience whatsoever.  I'm very blessed, my wonderful friend David has offered to help me and he just graduated college with a degree in building awesomeness, so I'm super excited!  Architectural Engineering is what he called it but whatever.  Tiny house!   My mom laughed at the idea of Moose, my 100+ lb. puppy in a tiny house.  According to my calculations however, less house = more yard.  More yard = more frolicking space for Mr. Moo.  All he does inside is lay under my feet anyway.  All i need is a job now.