July 29, 2014


So we are stilll in full swing puppy season and the amount of stupid people doing stupid shit still astounds me.  If you have a mutt or mongrel puppy, no one in their right mind is going to pay $500+ for it.  According to the AKC, a mutt is a mix of 2 recognised breeds, and a mongrel is 3+.  These guys are available at any shelter or rescue.  Yes, your dogs may be cute, but that is a terrible reason to breed.  What kinds of genetic issues do these dogs have?  Are you mixing 2 different kinds of breeds?  Whenever i see an add for mixed puppiez that says "best of both breeds" i really want to scream.  These people clearly don't understand genetics.  You get a grab bag of traits from both parents.  Putting two names together to make it sound cute does not change the fact you're trying to make a quick buck off being too lazy to fix your dog.  Blargh.