December 19, 2013

First Try at Bread

So, bread.  It can be cheap, and is a huge staple in my diet.  I know carbs are sugar, blahblahblah.  Its delicious and part of a balanced meal, bitch.  I don't care what anyone says.  The guy who invented the Atkins no carb diet was dying of heart failure.  Probably a true story.  Anyway, bread.  I like to surf recipes I will never make with ingredients I have to look up, and I keep seeing recipes for these exotic looking breads.  Now up until now I've never made it.  I was intimidated by it until I remembered that pioneer people could do it.  hell, my mom's ex husband did it and he could barely wash and dress himself.  If you haven't eaten bread from the oven covered in butter you haven't truly lived.  Mmmmmm.  So, in the spirit of the weather change and the fact I never really thaw from my birthday (Oct. 29) til June, BREAD!

First, a song to get you in the mood for AWESOME!

 Guess what the number one ingredient to toast is?  Bread!

 So, before we get into this, do not be afraid.  The ingredients are cheap, requires about a desk worth of space, and its actually fun and not nearly as sticky and gross as I figured it would be.
I did some searching and ended up here.  First, read the whole recipe, then read the comments.  I cannot stress this enough!  Comments can be a real asset on these sites, just make sure you read a lot of them to kind of feel out who is an idiot and who actually knows what an oven is.

Next, pick your recipe and get all of your ingredients together.  You can pre-measure, I don't.  I used the recipe in the above link with the following changes.  I mixed the salt into the flour so as to not kill the yeast.  I ended up needing a total of about 3 1/2 cups of flour, but I live in Wyoming and we have strange weather patterns so there you go.  Did you know the weather can affect baking?  Weird, huh?  My spaghetti tastes the same no matter whats going on, it could be a monsoon and we would be eating the same food, but I digress.    

I followed the recipe, and it came out looking awesome!  Then, the major problem, I cut into it and it was barely cooked and doughy.  I ate some out of spite but it gave my tumbly the angry rumblies.  Cooked until golden brown at 375 was about 20 minutes, far short of the given 45 minutes time.  I tried again, and ended up with good but very dense bread.  I baked at 350 for 45 minutes and it was bread!  YAY!

Make sure you do all of the time for the rests and do not rush it!