June 17, 2013

PRT - What is that smell?

Floor cleared!  Mostly.
  After clearing the floor, at least mostly, I started on the walls.  I never really thought about washing walls before, I would wipe corners but I never really felt the need to scrub walls from top to bottom.  Of course I haven't lived anywhere for more than about 6 months at a time before.  Of course, I never thought that I would be cleaning feces off the walls either, but there you go.  I started in the living room, and just went in a circle around the whole place.

 Can you see the nasty?   Anty, Fluffito, and Oleander all helped me deal with this mess.  Anty braved a scaey ass murderous spider.  It looked like this.  AUGH!  I saw 3 of them.  I swear that one had a bandanna on and a shiv in it's hand.  TERRIFYING!!  So we took some TSP to the walls along with some 20x orange clean stuff.  Took it right off!  My camera is angry right now, but pics will be posted soon.