June 6, 2013

Project Restoration Trailer Day 1 - Making A Path

So Marcus and I were able to score a mobile home on the cheap.  Whoohoo!  Of course, that means it needs some love and care.  It wasn't abandoned so we don't have to try to evict wildlife.  I love how we are peeling away at this place, one layer at a time.  The outer layer is, in a word, filth.  Like so:

Do you hear the sound of serial killers in the bushes?
This was taken after a day of cleaning and the left side of the porch was cleared.  As the layers come clear, I can see how it is coming together to become a nice home for us!  Can you tell I'm excited?!?  I've never lived somewhere I could even paint before.  Now, I can do whatever I want, and the landowner is letting me go nuts on landscaping!  Whooo! 
Living room when we walked in.  The cleaner of the rooms.  Popa Bear gazes in amazement.

The smell of animal feces and urine slapped us as we walked in.  Oooof.  Popa Bear, an avid non-smoker, asked me to light a cigarette to help with the smell.  I've been using cheap face masks from the hardware store and they helped a ton!  My mom used to threaten me with taking a snow shovel to my room to clean up the clothes and books.  She literally used a rake and a snow shovel  to clear an amazing amount of this stuff.  All but a layer of silt, anyway.  I was able to finish it up with a vacuum and some baking soda pet smell eater carpet sprinkle.  Now we can walk on the floor!  Yay!