June 29, 2013

Fix one problem and find 5 more

So, you saw some of the pictures of weirdness.  This trailer has been nothing but weirdness.  I take something out or fix it, and then its another disaster.  We unhooked and moved the dryer from the bathroom, and found where the floor was kind of soft.  Then, we tried to take out the washer.  Oh dear gawd.  The water was spraying everywhere inside the walls and the floor was mostly melted with a nice layer of filth on top, like a nasty doom cupcake.  After we cut up the carpets in the back room, we realized it had 2 pads underneath.  The hall carpet had... more carpet underneath.  That's right, when we lifted the carpet there was another layer under it.  It looks like that in the kid room also, like they just threw new carpet over the filthy stuff they already had.  There was a built in dresser in the kid room, we had to dismantle it when I realized the sub-flooring was stained with feces of some kind.  I'm not sure why, but they also glued the carpets to the underneath of the paneling.  So my 2 week maybe a month cleanup is not even half done.  The kid room is almost totally kilzed, as is the back bedroom.  The backroom floor isn't started yet, as I'm still cutting carpet out of the walls.  OUT OF THE WALLS!  Augh.  The bathroom isn't even started.  We have to take out most of the floor, the cupboard, peel the walls, cover the walls and ceiling with kilz, rebuild the floor, kilz it, and cheer a victory against scary nastiness.  In fact, I'm leaving in a few minutes to go do all of that.  In the heat.  Ugh.  It will be worth it when its done.  I can't wait for it to be done.