March 21, 2013

My cat is screwing with me I just know it

My cat Princess Poopy Pants (its the only thing she would answer to) is plotting.  I have owned her since she was 10 weeks old and she has never really been what you would call a nice kitty.  Or a sweet kitty.  Sure she'll rub on you if she wants something but otherwise she treats humans like house elves.  She doesn't want to see you and she doesn't care how you feel about it.  For 10 years she has been like this.  A couple of years ago a cousin dropped off a cat she had and couldn't keep, Queen PuffyFluff.  PuffyFluff is 15 now and enjoys ham and sleep.  That's about it.  So I keep walking in on this.  Scary, no?  Poopy is grey.  Grey and evil.  I caught her cleaning PuffyFluff the other day too.  The world is ending i can just feel it.  PuffyFluff is not amused.