July 4, 2012

The hospital again? Next time Im reserving a better room

Back at the hospital this morning.  Before, I was told by the community health doctor that some of my symptoms weren't quite matching up so I may have other underlying problems than just the kidney infection.  Well they were right, my lymph nodes are infected as well, and I have been sent home with Hydrocodone.  Yay drugs! So I'm apologizing in advance, Goddess knows what I'll start rambling about.

I also found something cool!  Thanks to my hero Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess.
Well, she led me here but then I followed it to here.  Did you know there was such a thing as a Natural Landmark Registry?  Hell, I didn't.  Looks super awesome though.  One of my new hobbies, with this job especially, is planning fake vacations.  So, I "decided" (one of my grand plans, like when I was going to move to Bali and be a painter, except I can't paint) that James and I are going to buy an Airstream or 5th wheel of equal awesomeness and go camping everywhere awesome.  I have friends, Oleander included, that are not fans of camping.  The key is to doing it right.  I use a 6 man tent (I like my space, and standing) and a queen size air mattress.  I'm not big on "roughing it".  I do enjoy watching the moon from where I sleep, and evening breezes running their finger through my hair.  Waking up to birds, starting things on fire and cooking my food also makes me feel like Wonder Woman, all before 9am.  One of these days, I'm going to be cooking food I caught too.  Louis and I didn't catch one fish last year!  We had fun anyway.  That is what is important.

Random Shizzle I Found

My job rules compared to this.
Way cool travel books for evil monkeys.

too much hydro to write more.  Goodnight stalkers!