August 30, 2014

100 Posts!

In the spirit of our 100 post milestone, I will be revamping the blog!  Please let me know in the comments things you like, things you hate, etc.  We are getting a serious makeover!  Whooo!

And now, onto the regular content: What pisses me off today. Today, I saw a gofundme that reeeeeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy irritated me. These people have 6 Kids together, and one more they pay support on. She is a "freelance" tatoo artist (kitchen tattoo anyone?) And he works. Ish. I guess. I don't know man, but when I hung out with him in my early 20s his Grandma paid his bills. Anyway, I guess they moved into a new house and now the Mom and youngest both have medical bills, which sucks. But they can't pay for all of these things now, so they're elicting money online. Alms, alms for the poor, and you don't even have to leave your house to beg for money now. Nice, right? Now they say that they need the money for medical bills, which i get. But they go on to talk about their new house they have to pay for, and I saw some bitching they'd only raised $150 or so. Granted we have a broken healthcare system, but its fucked up to talk about how you need money for your sick baby (why in Goddess' name do you have 7?!?) and you really need money for your new house and bullshit. Ugh. I'm not going to say poor people shouldn't have kids, or nice things.  Its pretty fucking stupid to have your own baseball team when you're poor though.  Kids are horrifically costly, both money wise and time wise.  Every time you have a child, you play roulette with a multitude of potential issues, even if you have no family history.  That ups the cost significantly.  I also saw them talking about how they don't qualify for assistance.  With that many kids, to not qualify means they are bringing in quite a bit of money.  They posted that if everyone on their friends list donated $25, they'd have $3,000+ because they really need it.  Yeah, who has an extra $25?  And if you do, do you give it away?  Me personally, I give to charities, usually involved with animal rescue.  In order to receive monetary help from any place I've ever heard of, you have to fill out applications and bring in lots of proof you're poor.  Not so with gofundme.  So what do you do with spare money?