November 19, 2013

Galumph - Poetry Night

November is a time to be thankful, so here's something I'm thankful for.

He is always there, including and especially when I'm peeing.
He's my best guy,
He never lets me forget he loves me,
when I want to be alone,
80 lbs in my lap,
wet face full of slobber kisses.

I have a disability but I have to have light exercise or I get sick,
puking dying sick,
I hate walking.
Must walk the puppy or the puppy eats things,
galloping galumphing frolicky goodness,
flopping ears of an un-graceful gazelle,
I can't help laughing through the pain

Free because nobody wanted him,
Labelled as crazy,
his name was Nuts.  Not even kidding.
Well, I've heard all of that about me too.

How can I pay for the best dog in the world?
How can you buy a child a best friend?
How can you buy a boyfriend a lapmonkey?
We thought he was temporary,
We thought we were saving him,

Our lives are complete thanks to Moosey Wolfson Cline

Good Dog.