June 22, 2012


I have champagne and the internet, party at my house! The lilacs are blooming and so are my sinuses.  Ahh the cotton from the cottonwood trees has been blowing all over town and it looks like snow.  I hear its a magical time, I wouldn't know since my eyes are swelled shut.

I got a new job!  Yay!  I work 12 hrs a day now! Ehhugh.  Ah well.  Not a bad job, and good pay.  Now I can get myself out of debt!  Yay!  So now I can save up money to buy a farm/small animal rescue/foster home.  I want a farm, probably small.  A couple of cows, some chickens, a goat or two, nothing major.  I would like to be able to grow food too, but that is not really feasable in my area.  Prairie is not what you would call ideal.  Windy prairie is even worse.  So, I'm on the lookout for a rural community, preferably in Wyoming, to have a self sustaining farm and sanctuary for humans and animals alike.  That is, as they say, the ultimate goal.  I would love getting up every morning, taking huge doses of allergy medication, and tending to animals (some of which I plan to eat.  Not the rescues though, just the conventionally delicious ones.) pretty much all day.  I think it would be a good place for children with no where else to go a good home.  We of course would need an on site child psychologist perhaps, and of course bunk beds.  Or those awesome beds in the shape of cars.  I have a friend (she's 6) with a bed that has a slide!  I wish my bed had a slide.  Why don't they make cool beds for adults?  I can hear it now, "My bed is an Escalade, it has the rims and everrrrrrthang."  That is the definition of fucking classy my friends.

In other news, I have money now, and everyone knows what happens when I get money.  I start pet shopping.  Now I am not actively looking for a pet, so breathe easy, friends who put me in for Animal Hoarders.  I just want something I can cuddle with, and love.