July 1, 2012

My Kidneys are Super Pissed

I, at this point, miss work.  I have been out for 2 weeks and it is driving me nuts.  You know there is nothing quite like an ER doctor looking at you and saying, "Either its a virus, or something more serious.  But we're going to release you, just come back if you aren't better."  WTF?!  So it turns out they shouldn't have released me, and I have a massive kidney infection.  Sweeeeet. 

And I'm not fired!  Also sweet!

So I was doing important internet research (or futzing around on Stumbleupon, whatever. Don't judge me.)  and I found a picture of somewhere awesome.  Check it out!  You know when you see a picture of somewhere, and you just think Can I go there?  Is that a real place?  I know, I'll sell everything I own and just move there, wherever that is.  I totally found one.  It just so happens to be in Croatia.   I just realized that I know nothing of this magical place, because I was picturing soviet soup lines and, like, dogs and people fighting over a shoe to eat, in the snow.  As it turns out, it is almost right next to Italy in the part of Europe where it turns from classy to, well, scary if most movies can be believed.  Well, that and the news.  Same thing really, in America.

I worry some mysterious authority figure is going to figure out I have no idea how to be a parent and put me in Azkaban or something.  My son yells, "I don't want to clean my room!"  and I say "Me neither!  But I have to or I can't find my crap!  So do it anyway!"  He so doesn't though.  Little bastard.  I hate fighting with him, and I think Ive run out of way to get him to do things.  Bribes don't work, everything else hasn't either.  Maybe I should start kenneling him, works for dogs, right?  Nah, kenneling is mean I guess.  To the dogs, ha!  Oh, speaking of dogs, I found some super cute ones!

This is Oliver, a Great Pyranees 

Gregory is super cute too! Check out his video above!

Oh Andi, I want you to be my puppy!

I can't help it, every time I see a stray I just want to take them home and love them forever.

So, Ive been on the lookout for a new place.  Nothing fancy, just a trailer with 2 bedroom.  Cross your fingers!

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